Coffee Is Forever Mug - 15oz

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I’ve also heard people say that coffee is a girl’s best friend, and it’s a claim that’s hard to argue with. Show your eternal love by picking up this mug, which is probably WAY larger than the dinky one you're used to. Why? Because you deserve it, and because, well, life is short, and nothing should get in the way of you and your coffee, least of all a mug that’s too small to fulfill your coffee needs. 

If the technical deets matter to you, read on. 

This mug has rounded corners, so you don't hurt yourself. Safety first, after all. Well, second, after coffee. It holds 15 ounces of precious black liquid - that's almost a pound of coffee - drink eleven of them and you'll have had as much coffee as your head weighs. Mind blown? Mine is. I haven’t had my coffee yet. But salvation awaits me; I have a 15 oz mug with a cute drawing on it to fill up with coffee. You should too.